Virtual receptionist helps chiropractors compete

October 26th, 2008

Consumer interest in chiropractic care is growing. Many consumers are starting to appreciate the physical benefits of routine and ongoing chiropractic treatment. Health insurance companies have recognized this trend and the benefits as well since many now offer chiropractic coverage as part of basic health insurance packages. As consumers begin to enter the market, chiropractors must position themselves effectively to take advantage of the growing market. One way to do this is to offer 24/7 medical reception to respond to patient needs as they develop.

The ability to offer 24/7 medical reception has not always been practical or possible for many of the small to medium sized providers that offer chiropractic services. The cost to have a receptionist and offer care after regular hours have not been viewed as cost effective since labor expenses and resource requirements generally outweigh the consistent demand in some markets. This is not the case anymore. Thanks to advanced in technology, many of these practices can now present a 24/7 medical reception through a top of the line virtual medical office receptionist.

A virtual medical office receptionist is the next best thing in customer service to working immediately with a friendly and personable receptionist. Most patients would love to call any time and have their situations managed immediately by a live receptionist. Unfortunately, many offices operate with one, or maybe two, receptionists. During busy times, these humans simply cannot immediately handle every phone call. Receptionists are also bogged down at times by tedious insurance paperwork or reminder phone calls. Additionally, there is no one available after hours at many practices to respond to calls.

The virtual receptionist is a low maintenance, one time cost solution that can respond to all of the aforementioned issues in patient care. The medical front desk can be used to answer incoming calls when the live receptionist is busy or away. A best in class backup receptionist can respond to many basic call needs including appointment scheduling, emergency connections, and more. This enables the provider to manage immediate customer needs that might otherwise be ignored. An ignored customer does not wait long to move to another provider if treated poorly or ignored.

Many practices have been unable to offer a service for 24/7 medical reception because of the cost to benefits issues noted. The virtual medical office receptionist can work any hour day or night without the cost of an employee. Thus, an after-hours call can be handled without the caller needing to leave a message that might not be retrieved for some time. The virtual chiropractor receptionist can respond to basic needs and organized calls based on the situation. Sometimes, callers simply want to schedule an appointment in the evening. The evening virtual receptionist desk allows the patient or prospect to do this without any hassle and at the time that is convenient for them. All of these factors suggest to a struggling or competitive chiropractor that the virtual medical office receptionist is a potentially huge opportunity for his or her practice.

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