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November 27th, 2011

A web-based appointment scheduling system can provide medical practices as well as sole practitioners with an organized and reliable way to manage appointment scheduling. If you and your staff seem to be spending much of your valuable time managing appointments it is probably time to take the bull by the horns and update the way those appointments are being managed: Particularly if the “system” your practice currently has in place is “pen and paper”…

Not Just For Medical Practitioners
Automated appointment scheduling is being utilized by major medical organizations throughout the United States. While an online appointment scheduler (HIPAA approved) can provide access to a reliable 24/7 scheduling system for patients and staff its use is by no means limited to medical practices and doctors. Online and self-service appointment scheduling software can be a useful asset for hairdressers, beauticians, holistic practitioners – Many different professionals from a variety of sectors can and do use automated appointment scheduling to manage appointments.

A free trial of any software or system you might be considering is a step in the right direction: this provides an opportunity to try out the features and assess which are the most useful to your business. The capabilities of the software available is varied, as are the way in which the features can be utilized.

Helpful Suggestions
Often, even a seemingly small error can have a “knock-on” effect throughout the entire day: At best! At worst, it could cost you a patient. There are certain features that can particularly help your practice use the software to maximize profitability with better time-management.

Quick and easy access is one of the most crucial aspects of any online scheduler. Being able to access schedules to stay informed and in touch can be extremely advantageous for both practitioners and their patients: Particularly for those often ´on the move´.

Automated scheduling for repeat appointments and a patient appointment reminder system can help to reduce no-shows. An online scheduler that can deal with reminder calls via email and sms text is a modern and highly efficient way to ensure your patients turn up for their appointment: Or are able to reschedule or cancel their appointment.

Being proactive with regards to patient appointment scheduling can help you maximize efficiency and so increase productivity. Take the initiative – Invest in a reliable system that meets the demands of your practice.

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