Web-Based Doctor Appointment Scheduling and HIPAA – What You Should Know

November 14th, 2010

Some hospitals and specialist medical practices outsource their appointment scheduling tasks to competent web-based doctor appointment scheduling companies: Freeing up personnel enables them to dedicate more time to patients. Therefore, incorporating web-based scheduling systems can aid the smooth running of any medical practice and help improve the level of care offered – Hence, many healthcare practitioners are seriously considering online and automated appointment scheduling: Invariably a cost-effective solution for most.

No medical practice can afford to waste time: This is particularly true for the sole practitioner. Paper-based scheduling can be messy, confusing and ultimately frustrating: A primitive and somewhat old hat solution; in comparison to web-based systems. However, despite all the financial and overall medical practice management advantages some physicians remain dubious. Reasons do vary as to why. Nevertheless, compliancy with HIPAA regulations and guidelines seems to be a frequent concern….

Based upon the HIPAA Entity Definition web-based doctor appointment scheduling companies are not legally required to comply with HIPAA regulations. However, doctors are and these systems are effectively part of everyday doctor-patient medical practice management processes. Regardless of HIPAA regulations, safeguarding patient information should be paramount. Therefore, a medical appointment scheduling company that is committed to implementing HIPAA guidelines IS the right foot forward.

Patient Appointment Reminders
No-shows mean lost revenue. They also mean another patient has to wait longer – Neither is good for business. Invariably, patient appointment reminders can be automated through these systems: A proven strategy to reduce no-shows. HIPAA Privacy Regulations allow healthcare practitioners to communicate with patients at home with regards to their personal healthcare: Leaving a message on a patient’s answering machine is also acceptable – Therefore automated patient appointment reminders via email, text and call are permitted within HIPAA Guidelines.

Real Solutions
Any size healthcare organization can benefit from using a web-based, HIPAA Compliant medical appointment scheduling system. Easing the workload cost-effectively by automating patient appointment scheduling invariably gives way to improved patient care. These systems are flexible and can be tailored to meet specific needs. If you are looking for an inexpensive solution to appointment scheduling and front desk overload, get automated and get online…

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