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October 8th, 2011

The myriad of administrative problems associated with patient appointment scheduling – from appointment scheduling errors, no-shows as well as unneeded, excess communication – can create multiple headaches for receptionists, medical staff and doctors: As well as patients. Any and all of these “glitches” can notably affect overall medical practice management and so the care and services provided to patients – Consistent problems can also create excessive stress upon the front desk: Often leading to more problems. Indeed patient appointment scheduling can create an ongoing domino affect which ultimately loses time and so money.

Working In Real Time
Web-based doctor appointment scheduling systems are being utilized all over the world today by many doctors as well as medical practitioners and health-care organizations such as Massage Therapists and Chiropractors, Personal Trainers and Health & Fitness centers. Access to web-based doctor appointment systems is available to all parties (Doctor, Patient, Receptionist,Medical Staff) and professional systems work in ´real-time´: Thus avoiding the confusion caused by double-booking – Invariably a notable possibility/problem when integrating schedules for multiple practitioners and/or multiple practices.

Web-based automated appointment scheduling systems can also ensure doctor appointment reminder calls are made on time every time. Reminder calls are a proven strategy to reduce no-show averages and yet so often they are omitted: Usually because staff simply do not have time. An automated doctor appointment scheduling system can keep track and make those all important calls. Patients can also go online to confirm, change or cancel their doctor appointment. By working in real-time the system can quickly and accurately reallocate canceled appointments 24/7. This one feature in itself can deem these systems to be very cost-effective.

Is It Economically Viable For You?
Standardizing your patient appointment scheduling processes can help overall medical practice management: Therefore improve the services and care provided to patients. The time (and so money) so often saved by avoiding errors and reducing the time spent on this administrative overhead – as well as ensuring patient appointment reminder calls are made – has made web-based doctor appointment scheduling an economically viable option for sole practitioners as well as large organizations. Finding a system that is suitable for your individual needs is most important: And the best way to find out exactly what they are (as well as what they are not) is to try them out.

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