What Can a Virtual Medical Office Receptionist Do For Your Practice?

November 13th, 2008

A virtual medical office receptionist can be a virtual money saver for the physician’s and healthcare providers. It will be a virtual timesaver for patients and medical staff. With this type of system you have a 24/7 medical receptionist at your service for a minimal cost compared to having a live agent answering your calls, setting appointments and doing reminder calls.

The automated medical office receptionist software is designed to be a backup to the medical front desk receptionist. It will not interfere with or affect the routine of the staff doing this task. It is created and designed to answer calls only when the person calling your office can’t get an immediate answer. This enables the automated health care receptionist to handle calls when the regular medical receptionist is away from the desk or after-hours.

Virtual medical receptionist systems that are web-based are the best choice due to the fact there is no hardware to maintain and no complicated software to install. These types of services that are fee based are cost effective and can have all of the advantages of a hiring a medical receptionist without the expense or having to train someone.

An online scheduler can be a time-saving tool for both medical staff and the patients. This software is customizable and can be used by traditional physicians and other healthcare professionals including chiropractors, psychologists, and massage services or all types of spa treatments. Automated online appointment scheduling allows a patient or client to set appointments by interacting with the voice recognition software and using user friendly interfaces.

Systems which have high tech innovative features will also include automated appointment reminder software. Using this type of system can decrease the amount of no-shows which will affect your bottom-line. It will also decrease the time that the front desk medical receptionist has to spend trying to reschedule missed appointments. The extra time this software saves the staff can be used to increase overall patient satisfaction. It allows more time to do spend with the actual patients and not on the phone.

The high-tech automated reminder programs have features that will relay messages in several languages. The software is customizable so the physician or healthcare provider can set options to the specific needs of their patients. Some services offer features which gives you the option to relay personalized messages that are put into the system.

By using a virtual medical receptionist you would have a system which would handle online appointment scheduling, appointment reminder calls and be a phone answering service all-in-one package. This would reduce cost and time spent interviewing and training additional employees. The medical staff would spend less time on tedious and mundane tasks and be able to spend more quality time with patients.

Patient satisfaction would increase due to the fact they would have the option of scheduling appointments online and be able to reach the physician after-hours incase of an emergency. Overall this type of solution would lower over head costs and increase the bottom-line of the business.

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