What is a Modern Scheduler for Doctors?

December 18th, 2009

Having an appointment scheduling software for your medical practice is undoubtedly important. However, this does not mean that you have to go for any program that you happen to find. You should take your time in order to ensure that you find a medical appointment scheduler that will give you the highest number of benefits at the lowest price possible. A good scheduler will not only make it easy to make your medical appointments but also offer you a variety of advantages on top. Here are some of the things that will help you to determine the best program that you should use.

Synchronizing with your front desk reception

Your office automation system should not leave you with two different appointment programs that you have to deal with. Your receptionist will not work on one program while the online scheduler also does a different thing. The system should have the ability to synchronize appointments that are made both online and at the office. Example of a top class scheduler could combine automated virtual receptionist function with your schedule. It allows not only your live staff but also the 24/7 virtual recptionist booking appointment from the same book.

In the process, a efficient, automated fron desk will help your staff to have more time to pay closer attention to other duties such as taking care of the bills. The patients will also be more satisfied in the sense that they will not have to deal with an exhausted and irritable receptionist!

Integrated patient reminder service

A modern scheduler for doctors will have a built-in reminder service that will get in touch with the patients through a variety of modes to ensure that they do not forget about their appointments. Every person forgets occasionally. The reminder service is very useful in avoiding patient no-shows, which often results in loss of revenue, let alone the frustration you will experience!

Synchronization with Google Calendar

You will not always be at your office to check on your medical appointments. In fact, the very nature of your medical practice may require you to be out of the office quite often. For example, you may need to carry out some visitations or attend other important functions. However, your office automation system should allow you to access the appointments wherever you may be.

When the system you use synchronizes with Google Calendar, you will be able to receive the records on your hand-held device such as blackberry, iphone. Appointments can be retrieved via a single-word commands by SMS or instant text message. A modern scheduler for doctors will not let you be just a passive recipient of the details. It will have a two-way system where you can also make adjustments in the appointments and upload them. You will never be out of touch again!

Maintenance free

You need to make your medical practice management easier, not more complicated. You should therefore use an online appointment scheduler that does not require you to carry out any maintenance. You will have the opportunity of focusing on your profession without worrying about getting additional skills in a different line of profession. Your first priority is being a doctor, not an IT guru! Neither will you worry about hiring an expert to look after your system.

Ability to control patient access

With self-service patient appointment scheduling, you will not have to deal with every single patient as he or she makes an appointment. This is very convenient to both the patients and you as a doctor. However, this does not mean that you will have no control over how the patients access your system. A good program will give you the ability to control how the patients access the online scheduler you are using to ensure that everything operates smoothly.

Using a pre-paid service

Many doctors have incurred huge losses from missed appointments. Although they usually set up a program whereby the patients who miss their appointments pay a certain fee, the challenge comes in collecting that fee. This will just complicate your work and leave a sour taste between you and the patients. You should therefore opt for a pre-paid scheduler, whereby the patients make some upfront payment when they set up their appointments. In this way, you will always be protected even if the patients do not show up without affecting the relation between you and your patients. Such a system will also encourage the patients to show up since they will have made a deeper commitment.

These are some of the things that will assist you in finding a suitable medical appointment scheduler that will give you real value for your money. We will take a look at several other great benefits of such a good program.

To summarize, you should not rush to subscribe to any doctor appointment scheduling program that you happen to find. There are vast differences between the systems, and you should take the time to determine whether you are truly getting the best value for your money. After all, those modern features provided by a good medical appointment scheduler is at the heart of a efficient, dependable and friendly modern medical practice.

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