What Is A Patient Appointment Online Scheduler – And How Can It Help You

October 15th, 2011

An online scheduler is a fully automated powerful software system devised to deal with patient appointment scheduling. Patients can book, cancel and reschedule a doctor appointment 24/7 online. Features vary from system to system: Most are able to carry out patient reminder calls as well as deal with appointment scheduling saving medical staff precious time. Often reminder calls are omitted simply because medical staff do not have time to make them – In the long run this is not usually a cost-effective approach. Patient reminder calls have proven to reduce no-shows. Therefore, if the medical practice´s no-show averages are currently high, ensuring the calls are made via an automated online scheduler will usually reduce the averages.

Beyond Limits
Everyone has their limitations and for the most human error is (as they say) “inevitable”- Even the most experienced and fastidious medical receptionist is capable of making a mistake. In addition, everyone has their physical limitations: An automated patient appointment scheduler can work 24/7 without even a coffee break! During busy periods patients might well call to make a doctor appointment and be greeted by the busy tone. An automated appointment scheduling system can be used to deal with calls to the front desk 24/7 or it can be used to back up the front desk during busy periods. The systems can deal with multiple calls which means patients are able to get through much faster and some can even deal with multiple languages: Which reduces the chance of “miss-communication”.

Day-to-Day Management
An automated online scheduler can help to improve the day-to-day management of a medical practice as well as boost revenue by reducing no-shows. While these systems are able to deal with “human tasks” the time and costs involved do not equal that of human staff. Indeed, many sole practitioners as well as larger health organizations find automated appointment scheduling more cost-effective than employing staff to deal with the same tasks. How can a patient appointment online scheduler help? Invariably it can help improve overall medical practice management and so help improve the standard of services. It can also help expanding practices do so efficiently and cost effectively.

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