Why Do Patients Forget About Their Appointments?

April 2nd, 2010

Using a reminder service to make sure that your patients don’t forget about their appointments is a great way to deliver a very useful service to your patients and make the life of your staff just a little easier.

Why Do Patients Forget About Appointments?

When the patient makes an appointment with your medical office you can be sure that they have a problem that they need you to fix.  They won’t make an appointment because they just want to chat about the weather or the latest news.

They have some sort of problem that bothered them enough to call and schedule an appointment that would take a chunk of time out of their day and cost them some money.

So why don’t they show up for the appointment?  While occasionally it might be because the problem went away or that another larger problem came up that required their attention, most of the time it’s just because they forgot.

So What Can You Do?

A lot of offices try to discourage no shows by charging them even if they didn’t come unless the appointment is not canceled 24 to 48 hours in advance.  But this is an adversarial tactic that will only annoy or even anger your patients.

A better way is to help them remember that they have an appointment.  Medical appointment reminder services are a great tool that you can use to do just that, help your patients remember.

A reminder service is a proactive step that you can take that will be greatly appreciated by your patients.  After all, they needed the appointment in the first place so what would be more user friendly than offering this service.

How Do You Do It?

Virtual medical reminder services are available that make reminders fast and painless.  Why take your staff away from their other duties when a reminder service can do the work for you?

Best of all, even if you have your staff making reminder calls, they are using only the phone and will be making the calls during business hours when your patients are likely busy at their own jobs.

A medical reminder service can contact your patients in a number of different ways including home phone, cell phone, e-mail or even mobile text message. A average reminder service with all of the reminder type mentionned-above cost you very affordable monthly fee. Usually that fee is lower than what a single no-show may cost you. (Do the math!)

This gives your office the ability to add an inexpensive service that will more than pay for itself in the long run with the extra income that is generated by cutting the number of no-shows to your office.

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