Why Free Online Scheduler Should be Avoided

July 18th, 2010

As more and more medical practices turn to technology as ways to streamline their business operations, practical applications such as the online scheduler services have fast becoming a necessity to stay ahead of the competition. Online scheduler can be your trusted partner in improving the medical care you provide for your patients. However, if you choose one that does not live up to its promises, as well as your expectations, the online scheduler can become your downfall. This is especially true if you choose to take the cheap route of using free online scheduler for your medical practice.

It is in our nature to gravitate towards things that cost us nothing. Free things or services make us feel good because we are not spending anything on them. But do you really want your medical practice to rely on something that is not reliable and pose some liability risk? Think about it for a second. Why would a service provider offer their products and services for free? What’s the catch? This is something that you should definitely ask yourself when you have to make that decision between a free or regular online scheduler.

You may come across free online scheduler services on the Internet. Some may be – at a push – quite reliable and serve their purpose, but most likely they will fall short on your expectations. However, be aware that even the reliable one still poses some risk for your medical practice. As a way to generate their revenues, free service providers usually sell your data freely. We’re talking about confidential information of your patients; their names, phone numbers, addresses, email, and even medical history. This serious violation of patient privacy could land your medical practice in hot water when the case is brought to the court of law.  When the news spread out, you can just imagine the negative effect it will have on your medical practice and how your loyal patients would react to it.

Instead of looking for a free scheduler to cut business cost, why not look for something that pays itself? What about get an online scheduler that use email, telephone and mobile text message reminder to cut down your appointment no-show?

Such scheduler will pays you handsomely as its monthly fee is usually the cost of  ONE no-show; all it takes to pay itself is to cut  one missed appointment per month!

A great online scheduler service doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. However, given the many benefits that the service has – you will wonder why it doesn’t cost more. A good scheduler can provide the flexibility for your patients to make, change or cancel their appointments by themselves – at anytime of the day or night. A reliable online scheduler will have a reminder service feature that can send out reminders for your patients about their appointments through different means; from email, phone service to text messages and more. Ultimately, online scheduler can make your medical practice runs more effectively and efficiently.

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