Why the Complete Satisfaction of Your Patients Matters

October 30th, 2010

Newsflash, there’s more to a medical practice than just providing quality and accurate medical help and advice to your patients. While their health is the main concern, your patients would definitely appreciate an improved service in all fronts. These are some main sour points that patients usually have to deal with and what your medical office can do to avoid being in such a situation.

Calling your office is a nightmare

This is a classic problem that many medical offices face. Some offices don’t pay too much attention to the staff placement in the front desk, this despite the fact that it will be the first point of contact with patients and potential patients. You may have a similar bad experience before when you call one company only to be greeted with an unfriendly receptionist in a hostile manner. Sometimes, it’s enough to put you off from doing business with the company. You should put your shoes in your patient’s place and always remember that first impression does matter in the service industry. Now, human receptionist is prone to mood swings and personal problems. Though they may be friendly and bubbly in the morning, once things get too crowded and busy, there’s a good chance that the receptionist will start answering the phone calls in a less than polite manner.

Then we have the problem of patients not able to reach your medical office because it’s either too busy or nobody picks up the phone. When you fail to pick up one phone call from potential patient, you are already losing revenue. There are many reasons why these things happen, but mostly it’s due to your staff being too overwhelmed with the influx of patients.

The effective solution

In order to avoid such catastrophe, your medical practice should be equipped with a virtual medical receptionist. It’s one of the best and most cost-effective solutions to all the problems mentioned above. By having a virtual receptionist in place, you have a reliable and dependable system that can consistently answer the phone in a friendly and warm voice. Even better, the virtual medical receptionist can communicate in many different languages, which include English, Chinese, French and Spanish.

A virtual medical receptionist can also take multiple calls at the same time. This means patients calling your office will never experience a busy tone anymore. When things get very hectic in your medical office, the virtual medical receptionist can take over and become the oil that smoothen the operational wheel.


You may not think that it’s important to provide an added value to your medical service, but the little things mentioned above can make your patients even more satisfied. When they are happy and completely satisfied, it will no doubt has a positive impact on your bottom line.

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