Why Your Medical Practice Will Benefit from an Automated Receptionist

October 28th, 2008

A virtual medical office receptionist can provide any medical office environment with 24/7 backup receptionist services without the downside of having to pay high overhead or overtime. Take a look at a handful of great reasons why your medical practice could benefit from 24/7 medical reception capabilities.

Increase and Enhance Office Efficiency

Medical staff and patients alike know that an efficient office is an effective office. An automated receptionist will take a lot of the ‘grunt work’ out of daily chores and tasks that take so much time. Don’t spend half your day dealing with appointment reminders, fielding patient phone calls, dealing with cancellations and no-shows.

Increase your Medical Practice Income

Reducing patient no-shows will help your practice grow in patient satisfaction, loyalty and income. A virtual medical office receptionist will help enable live medical staff to spend more time focusing on patient care.

Keep your Patients Happy!

Patients don’t like to be kept waiting. If your receptionist is busy with other clients, phone lines are busy, patients are transferred to voicemail, or receive messages telling them to try and call back later. Patients using an automated receptionist will not have to deal with this, and be happier and more satisfied with provider services.

Keep your Staff Happy!

Medical staff is trained to help provide patient care. While answering phones may be necessary, it shouldn’t take away from their ability to care for patients and soothe concerns and worries. A backup receptionist allows medical staff to do what they were trained to do, which is to provide superlative patient care.

Conveniently Reach Your Staff

Patients wishing to speak with a particular nurse or a physician will be transferred by voice commands to specific staff members’ office telephone numbers using 24/7 medical answering service software. No more looking for staff, placing patients on hold, or wasted time waiting for connections to go through.

No Maintenance!

A virtual receptionist doesn’t require special hours, time off, overtime, or holiday pay. An automated virtual medical office receptionist comes with 100% maintenance free software utilized over a secure server. No glitches, no complaints.


A good automated, 24/7 medical answering services will offer no risk trials. This is a perfect opportunity for all types of medical practices to discover the benefits and opportunities that automated medical receptionist backup support can provide.

No Patient Database Migration Necessary

One of the greatest benefits of a quality automated medical receptionist backup support system is that you don’t need to spend hours transferring or migrating databases. Ask for a package that allows patient identification to be added or updated when appointments are made.

Secured Data

Secure data support is available for most virtual answering service products, virtual medical office receptionist products and online scheduler and reminder software. Your data will be secure and safeguarded with the latest technologies that meet HIPAA and client care standards.

Free 24/7 Tech Support

You don’t have to be a computer expert to run quality automated backup receptionist software. Online support should be offered and included for the lifetime of all software selections and choices.

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