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Pre-sales Customer Q&A

This section offers a list of most-frequently asked pre-sales questions and answers. Our site visitors are welcome to email for questions that are not listed here. Pre-sales support can also be contacted at
Tel: 1.888.770.4121.

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  1. Connecting Your EMR Via HL7
  2. How to migrate patient data into ANGELA via Excel Sheet?
  3. How to use your prepaid appointment reminder service?
  4. What if I don’t see my invoice link or button in my email?
  5. How should we talk to ANGELA?
  6. How patient text message reminder works?
  7. How Do I Pay My Invoice with a Credit Card?
  8. Create your own scheduler web page with address on “
  9. What if my office does not have an emergency contact for patients?
  10. How Do I auto email my friends (customers) about ANGELA?
  11. How to watch an ANGELA flash demo in sections?
  12. How Do I Request a live-demo of ANGELA?
  13. How does billing work for this service?
  14. What are the computer requirements for using ANGELA ?
  15. Why is the flash demo image not showing properly on my screen?
  16. What are the Customized Messages by ANGELA?
  17. Why is the Reminder Package the best starting service with ANGELA?
  18. To Bundle or Not to Bundle with EMR?
  19. How does ANGELA work with my existing practice software?
  20. Why should I sync my scheduler with Google Calendar?
  21. Is a long-term service contract required?
  22. Can ANGELA works for Chiropractors, Spa and Massage services?
  23. How does ANGELA handle calls from new patients?
  24. Use ANGELA only as standby to your staff
  25. Can I customize ANGELA for my own medical specialty?
  26. How successful is ANGELA on the job?
  27. What are the advantages of ANGELA vs. other products or services?