What This Tutorial Contains?

Since the scheduler has a very visual and intuitive user friendly interface, most of our users are capable of using ANGELA without training. They can use this tutorial to learn about features of ANGELA that appear unfamiliar.

You will find flash demo for each topic in this tutorial. Demo is preferred by our users, because in most cases it is a far more effective learning method than textual explanations

Suggestions for new tutorial topic or comments on an existing tutorial are always welcome.

How to Use Your Online Appointment Book?

The Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the online appointment book uses a menu group to divide an admin's tasks to subcategories. The tutorial will be based on that structure.

On the bottom of each flash demo window (sometimes you need to scroll down to see it) you should see a flash player control bar which allows you to Pause/Restart/Replay the flash demo at any time. You can use this control function to play and replay a topic demo until you master it.

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How to use your 24/7 Virtual Attendant ANGELA?

On your Account --> Account Profile page, you will see the telephone number with label "ANGELA's Phone". This number is dedicated to your office for service by virtual receptionist ANGELA. Your will need to forward your business call number to this number using call forwarding condition (on busy, on no-answer, or immediate) that is suitable to your business.