Can ANGELA works for Chiropractors, Spa and Massage services?

ANGELA is designed for healthcare services in general. Some of its features are ideal for services or medical treatments that require periodical appointment or regular follow up.

Chiropractors, Spa and Massage services owners will find these features very useful for their appointment services.

(A) Customized appointment allows you to define appointments for your own practice.
(B) Automated telephone or email appointment reminders.
(C) Customer self-service online appointment booking.
(D) Automated call-back function will call your customers at your specified time to deliver customized service message from you for making follow up appointments.
(E) ANGELA can be your backup front desk receptionist by taking calls from customers when your staff is busy or your office is closed.
(F) Detailed logs for no-show and appointment cancellations

Some healthcare practitioners need to be addressed by title other than “Doctor”. This, too, can be easily customized for both scheduler and virtual receptionist.

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