Can I customize ANGELA for my own medical specialty?

ANGELA is able to work for health care service providers in any medical specialty. We offer customized appointment features that allow you to define

(A) Name of a service
(B) Duration of the appointment
(C) The weekdays when the service is available
(D) Whether or not your patients can make the appointment via self-service
(E) Special notes from you to patients who booked the appointment. (i.e. what they should do as preparation.)

Once you have defined appointment profiles for your own practice, the rule-based online scheduler and Virtual Receptionist will function according to the restrictions you set.

For example, when ANGELA takes appointment calls from your patients, she will only offer them the appointments allowed for self-service and she will only set appointments on allowed time.

Same rules are also enforced by the online scheduler. Thus, if you are a dentist, you may choose to allow your patients to set their own appointments for regular dental check-up and cleaning, but allow dental surgery to be booked only via your office staff.

Some healthcare service providers need to be addressed by title other than “Doctor”. This, too, can be easily customized for both scheduler and virtual receptionist.

In addition to these changes, you can also have customized prompts be played during ANGELA‘s conversation with your business callers. Please read “What are the customized messages by ANGELA” for details.

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