Can I make group appointment using the scheduler?

The AngelSpeech online scheduler is designed intentionally as “one-slot-one-appointment-only”. It will prevent double booking except for case of Emergency Appointment.

In case of emergency appointment, you can add appointments on the menu page Appointments –> Emergency Appointment on any time of the current day without limitation.

If you need to occasionally double book your appointments to accommodate your patients or customers, you can do so by adding an additional calendar at a discounted rate. Please contact support to discuss your need. The appointment added in your additional calendar can be treated the same way as in your regular calendar. i.e., your patients or customers will receive the same service.

If you need to occasionally make group appointment, there are a few “work-around” that add no cost to you.

1) Using AngelSpeech calendar, you can add a single appointment for the group meeting time and add your patient or customer names inside the appointment’s “Notes” field. This option will allow you good bookkeeping. But the patients or customers will not receive automated appointment reminder emails or phone calls.

2) Be creative! Use a free calendar (such as Google) to book your group meeting. These free calendars usually allows unlimited appointment booked on the same time slots and are excellent tool for group appointment.

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