Connecting Your EMR Via HL7

HL7 (Health Level Seven), is an industry standard for healthcare informatics interoperability. HL7 provide a framework (and related standards) for the exchange, integration, sharing, and retrieval of electronic health information. If your EMR system can receive scheduling data via HL7’s SIU message. It is possible to establish a seamless electronic connection between your EMR and our scheduler via a HL7 channel. Please contact our support staff to discuss details regarding the set up of an HL7 channel.

Setting up a HL7 channel requires team work. This is because it involves access and testing on two software systems; you will need to have a HL7 engineer who is responsible for setting up and testing from the EMR that you are using. And we will have another HL7 engineering assigned to your case to work on the same tasks from our system. The two engineers need to work together to ensure the HL7 channel transmit messages according to HL7 specifications, that the compatible message sender and receiver are depployed and that the network connection is private and secure.

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