How does ANGELA handle calls from new patients?

You can configure ANGELA to do one of the two things when calls from new patients are received.

Transfer calls to office staff: With this option a call from new patient will be handled by staff.

Create Temporary account for new patient: ANGELA will collect caller’s info (i.e., phone number, name) and create a temporary patient record for the new patient. She will then help the patient get an appointment for the first office visit. Your staff may validate or approve the patient’s account later to make it permanent.

If you use ANGELA to handle new patient’s calls, then you can optionally add two customized messages. One message will be played before your first-time caller get a temporary new patient account and make a new patient appointment. The second one will be played over the first appointment reminder call. For example, you can use the first message to tell new patient about what type of medical insurances you accept, your office’s service policies before they made appointment, and you can use reminder message to tell your office location and first visit preparation info.

Play this demo to see how temporary account is use for new patient.

Doctors also have the option to allow their new patients to signup online and make their first appointment by self-service. Here is how a new patient can signup online.

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