How does ANGELA work with my existing practice software?

This is a two-fold question by which people are asking:

A: How does ANGELA get data from a clinic’s existing medical software for service migration?

B: Does ANGELA work with my existing medical software in real-time to synchronize data between the two?

To answer question A, because a patient’s name and phone number are the only required patient information necessary for ANGELA to function, it is very easy for ANGELA to migrate into a clinic’s work flow.

Most medical software has the ability to export patient data to a Microsoft Excel worksheet. This Excel worksheet can then be used to import the patient information to ANGELA.

New patient’s names and phone numbers can be added (once only) to ANGELA‘s scheduler on the fly when an appointment is made for the first time.

To answer question B, whether or not ANGELA can synchronize scheduling information into a 3rd party medical software will depend on if the target software is capable of receiving scheduling information via the industry standard interface HL7.

To be specific, please contact the vendor of your medical software to determine if the software is capable of receiving HL7‘s SIU (Scheduling Information Unsolicited) message.

Because our system is capable of sending scheduling info via HL7 to any 3rd party software that is capable of receiving SIU message, seamless integration of ANGELA with such software is possible.

Please call our support staff to discuss details of HL7 integration between ANGELA and your EMR or billing software.

Further discussion on this subject can be found by following this FAQ link: To Bundle or Not to Bundle with EMR?

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