How does the automated appointment reminder call service work?

Our appointment reminder call function has been in service for more than 5 years and it has been exceptionally reliable.

Reminder calls are started around 9:00 AM your local time on any weekday and 12:00 PM on weekend. When a reminder is not delivered successfully, the system will keep retry first and then stop the call attempt around 8:00 PM your local time.

By default, the automated calls are sent to patients for next day appointments. The reminder call can be made 2-7 days ahead of appointment time when you have requested to send your appointment reminder sooner.

Because reminder calls that display your office number as caller Id may cause unnecessery call backs from your patients or customers, your office number is only used for the reminder calls made in the afternoon.

To review you reminder call results, you can check Log –> daily/weekely log page for call details and stats. The call results log is highly accurate with a few exceptions listed below:

  1. 1. No reminder call will be made for same/current day appointments; it assumes people who have just made their appointments for today will not need reminder.
  2. 2. When a receiver’s voice mail box is full; in which case the reminder message can be lost.
  3. 3. When a receiver’s phone number is not reachable.
  4. 4. when a receiver has caller screening; where a call will not be connected until after calling party has provided identity info (i.e., “Tell me your name?”)
  5. 5. When a receiver’s answering machine has multiple greeting messages with long pause between the messages.
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