How should we talk to ANGELA?

User experience is the key to success in using a speech recognition based virtual receptionist. Here are a few very simple tips you should share with your patients or customers.

Speak to ANGELA politely!

Wait until she finishes her question to give your answer. Remember she can not “hear” you when she is still speaking.

Follow her instructions and give her simple, predictable answers

Most of her questions are designed to be answered with a “Yes” or “No”. This is because the more predictable your answer is, the more accurately she is able to recognize it.

Use telephone keypad to input your answer

When she fails to recognize your voice input, she will always offer you the backup options such as “Press 1 for yes, 2 for No”. So if you can just be patient and follow her suggestion, you should succeed on the second try.

You will be auto-connected to the backup phone number on the third try

Callers will be automatically forwarded to the backup phone number (you provided) when the 3rd try to answer ANGELA‘s question fails. They will be able to either speak to a live staff or leave voicemail.

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