How successful is ANGELA on the job?

Talking to people as a receptionist and getting the job done is not a trivial matter. How successful can ANGELA really be? After all, she is just a computer.

The short answer to that question is that ANGELA has been doing a good job serving most callers most of the time. A reasonable expectation is that she should succeed in handling more than 85% of the calls.

People who have had experience using IVR should take notice of the fact that speech-recognition as a technology has come a long way; the quality of IVR based self-service systems has improved remarkably over the last few years.

Our pre-sales customers are encouraged to test our live interactive telephone demo (see the demo page) to get a first-hand experience of the service. In addition, new customers can take advantage of a free-trial month to put ANGELA to the test in their own business environment.

There are factors that could cause difficulties for her to communicate with a caller. To name a few; poor voice signal quality of the telephone line, the callers accent, and callers being inexperienced in using self-service system (i.e., caller gives her unexpected replies or interrupts her).

Here is what will happen when ANGELA fails to communicate with a caller:

1) She will re-prompt the question and ask the caller to try and answer the question again.

2) When the retry fails, she will suggest that the caller enter the answer via the telephone keypad.

3) On the 3rd try, she will connect the caller to a live staff person immediately.

4) When a patient did not reach live staff, your staff can always make a call-back to him/her based on the detailed instant call log that provides name, phone number, calling time and call reason (i.e., emergency, appointment or voice-mail).

We strongly believe that ANGELA is more than adequately able to serve your customers’ business needs by relieving significant workload from your office staff and by enabling an office front-desk with true 24/7 availability for your customers.

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