How patient text message reminder works?

Text Message reminder with confirmation makes your business look cool to your tech savvy patients! Unlike the old text message service, not only will this new service provide a receipt for every text, but also it is capable of receiving text replies from your patients. The service is highly accurate, non-intrusive and will be your most effective patient communication tool.

  • 1) How to enable/disable your text message reminder?
  • For scheduler users: On Account –> Account Profile page, you will see label for “Appt Text Reminder” and time to send text reminder. Please email support if you need to activate the service. To disable the service, you can save “No Text” as sending time. Text message is sent, by default, 2 hours before an appointment.

    For prepaid service users: You can modify the service profile in My Info page in similar fashion.

  • 2) How to activate text reminder for a patient/client?
  • For scheduler users: You need to save your patient’s cell phone the patient’s record.

    For prepaid service users: You need to include your patient’s cell phone numbers when import appointment report.

    By default, the system will send text reminder to every patient with cell number. Every text reminder will provide an opt-out reply option. So your patients will continue to receive text reminder until they opt-out.

    Prepaid user can review a DO_NOT_TEXT list on My Info page. This page contains a list of your opt-out patient’s cell numbers.

  • 3) How do you check the text message logs?
  • You will receive a daily email report including text message stats. In addition, scheduler users can review text reminder logs on Logs –> Daily Log page, prepaid users can review text message log info on Call Log page.

    You will see every text message’s status where

    delivered: indicates a patient has received the message.

    confirmed: indicates a patient has replied “Yes” to the text reminder.

    Cancel: indicates a cancellation by patient’s text reply. Your account must have “Cancel on Reminder” active for your patients to cancel their appointments on text reminder.

    STOP: Indicates a patient has opt-out for text reminder.

  • 4) What is “Cancel on Reminder”?
  • A patient can request appointment cancellation over an appointment reminder. This feature is by default disabled. You can email support to request it be activated for your account .

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