Add your own question form for any type of appointment

In business cases where you need to collect information from your patients or clients, you can design and add your own question form to a predefined business appointment type (i.e., Surgery preparation).

When you have a form activated for appointment, a patient or client will submit the form with answers to your questions when he/she books appointment online with you. The form is then attached, as a PDF file, to emails that are sent to both you and your patient for business record keeping.

To add your own question form, on Account –> Appointment Type , click the link next to Attach Question Form –> View My Question Form and you will open a form design page.

The form page provide you options to upload your own PDF question form (see instruction step 4 and click “upload it”) or design a question form.

Designing your own question form is easy. Just follow the simple instructions on the page and remember to save the form you created once you are happy with how it looks.

To activate this question form, on Account –> Appointment Type , check the YES option next to Attach Question Form.

To test how your new form works, after you have activated your form, add an appointment for yourself (chose the appointment type that requires the question form be filled). You will receive email (as patient) that includes the link to fill the form. Once the form is filled by patient, you (as scheduler owner or patient) will receive PDF form attached in email.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For data security, our system will not save the form data. Our users are advised to safeguard the PDF forms they received for their record keeping.

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