How to import Practice Fusion appointment report for reminder service?

To import your appointment report from Practice Fusion scheduler, first save the report into a PDF file in Chrome Browser. You need to use Google Chrome browser as it provide a build in driver to create PDF file from Print page.

In Practice Fusion, Click Schedule –> Appointment, Click the date you want to create report. Choose the format of the report as “Standard”, then click “Print” as shown on this screen shot below

Save appointment report in "Standard" format

Save Practice Fusion Appointment report as PDF file in “Standard” format


When you click “Print”, Chrome will display Print page as in this screen shot below. You can choose to print the report into a PDF file. Click “Save”  to save the file in your local directory (try to remember where it is as you will need it for next step).

Print your report in Chrome as PDF file

Print your report in Chrome as PDF file


Now that you have the PDF report, simply login to your AngelSpeech account, click “Import” to import this PDF file, locate the file from the directory you saved it in last step and you should be able to see all the appointments from report be saved in your account.



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