How to Make a business announcement message

If you want to tell your patients about your new office location or you need to announce a business news, you can attach a voice message to outgoing appointment reminder calls.

on MyMessenger –> (setting box: Recording Messenger). You should look for label “Front desk message for all customers” where you can get the recording instructions and ID assigned to the message. Once you have the ID, you can call AngelSpeech’s recording line to add, replace, and delete a recording message by following ANGELA’s instructions. Your recording should be less than 30 seconds long.

To play this message with appointment reminder calls. on setting box for Recording Messenger, set “Play Front Desk Message with all reminder call” to YES. Your reminder call notes will be replaced by this recording.

You can also add a customized message in the appointment emails. Please check out this tutorial on How to customize your business emails .

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