How to make automated monthly payment using PayPal?

Making the service payment every month can become a trivial task. Missing your invoice due date can cause unintended service interruptions. An easy solution is to set up automated payment using PayPal subscription.

PayPal subscription is risk free as it can be canceled at any time by you.

To set up automated monthly payment in PayPal, open an unpaid invoice that is not past-due. Click on the top right button with label “PayPal Subscription”, the link will take you to a step-by-step payment process when you confirm the payment amount and date.

You should NOT use an past-due invoice to set up automated payment. This is because PayPal always use the day you make the initial payment as recurrent payment day. If your invoice is past-due at the day of the initial payment, all of you subsequent payments will be past-due.

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