How to migrate patient data into ANGELA via Excel Sheet?

Many medical practice software allow patient data export into Microsoft Excel sheet. When patient data on Excel sheet are presented under proper column names as described in the section below, ANGELA can import these data automatically into a doctor’s account.

Because the import function will look for pre-defined column names to find patient data, to prepare your Excel sheet for import, you need to name columns containing required patient data to FirstName, LastName, Phone.

Optional columns are MiddleName, Email, Phone2, LastVisitDate (must be in format mm/dd/yyyy), fileId.

If doctor is using a 3rd party software for patient medical record or billing, then the fileId column can be used to save 3rd party software file ID (i.e., chart number, billing ID) for patient.

The LastVisitDate is important when a doctor’s new account has more than 2,000 patients. It is used to help ANGELA scheduler run faster on auto-search when the account is new.

This flash demo shows step-by-step instructions on how to perform the import in your scheduler.

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