How to send automated follow-up calls or emails to your patients?

Doctors often need to follow-up with their patients after an appointment. This task can be automated if the follow-up message is same for all patients based on appointment type.

On Account –> Appointment Type page, click Edit to open the appointment type to which you want to send follow-up messages. (See screen shot below). Mark YES next to “Need follow-up call”, and choose how many days after the appointment the message will be sent.

The “Follow up call note” label is for your follow-up message. You can click “record your message” to see instructions to record your own voice message or type in your message in text box.

You can also add a follow-up email in addition to the follow-up call. This email can be customized using your email messenger. Click here for tutorial.

Click top right “Update” button to save your settings. Your patients will be called, on the specified time after their appointment,  with the follow-up message delivered to them.

make follow up call after appointment

How to make follow up call after appointment


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