How to set up your scheduler without the help of our support staff?

We offer free online support meeting to all customers to help them setup their schedulers and do simple demonstration. For most new customers this is the quickest way to start up the services. However, if you cannot wait to try the new account yourself, here are the steps you should follow to get your scheduler up and functioning.

  • 1. Set your business hours.

    Here is the tutorial for this step.

  • 2. Open your appointment schedule.

    Since your schedule is blocked at the time of your account creation, you should open your appointment schedule by following this tutorial.

  • 3. Define your appointment types and set the rules for each type.

    If you have signup for “Customized appointment”, you should first wait for the admin to activate this feature for you. You should be able to open the menu page
    Account –> Appointment Types if this feature has been activated for you.

    If you want to allow a new patient or new customer to make appointment with you online, be sure to first add an appointment type with name containing keywords “new patient” or “new customer” (i.e., new patient consultation).

    This tutorial will show you how to add appointment type for each service you offered.

  • 4. (Optional) Set up the page for your new patient or customer signup.

    This tutorial shows how to set up your new patient or customer page using the standard signup form. If you want to use your own question form, the customized form function can be easily accessed on the same Patient –> New Patient Signup page.

  • 5. (Optional) Import your patient records from Excel sheet.

    If you have all your patient records on an Excel sheet, follow this tutorial to import their records. Even if you can make appointment for patient without pre-existing records, this step is HUGELY helpful for two reasons. First one is that it saves you from typing the patient names and phones. Second one is that by having your patient records in the system, you have avoided virtual receptionist ANGELA treating everyone as new or unknown patients. You have therefore made it easier for your existing patients or customers to use her services.

    Here is the tutorial for how to import your patient records from an Excel sheet.

  • 6. Review your account profile and turn on/off the features based on your business need.

    In Account–> Account Profile page, you can selectively adjust the settings based on your business need. You should adjust your time zone, add a Google map URL if you wish for the map to be attached to emails sent to your patients, change the “called as” title if you do not want to be called “Doctor”, turn off the web appointment service if you do NOT want patient to book appointment online by self-service.

  • 7. Quickly read through the Support –> How to page.

    This how-to list is about all you need to know on how to use the scheduler or virtual receptionist. If you do not see the subject you are looking for, send us an email at Support –> Contact Support or simply request an online meeting for us to help you solve ALL your issues or questions.

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