How to sync appointments with Google Calendar?

IMPORTANT NOTE #1:If you have an iPhone or Android, chances are you may NOT need to sync your appointments to Google Calendar. we have apps that allows you to manage your appointments from your smart phone. Please check out these mobile apps by click this link .

To sync your appointment with Google Calendar, you will need a Google account. If you do not have one or do not want to send your business schedule into your personal Google account, you can always get a new Google account here.

Please be sure to use the same time zone setting for both your AngelSpeech and Google accounts. Using different time zone setting will result in your appointments be converted and displayed in Google’s time zone.

IMPORTANT NOTE #2:Google allows you to select privacy setting for your Google scheduler. You should be careful not to make your business appointments public if you are bound by HIPAA to protect your appointment info.

While inside your AngelSpeech scheduler, go to MyMessenger page and review setting in Google Messenger. If the service is active for your account, the Sync to Google Calendar indicator will be To Google only or 2Ways Gsync. You may save your Google login info in the page.

You must create a Google Token to authenticate the messeger. Click “Get a new GToken” , then confirm the Google question on the next page as shown by screen shots below. Once the token is saved. You are set for automatic Google calendar sync.



Our system will execute the Google data sync function frequently. Your appointments within the next two weeks will be sent to your Google calendar.

If your login is invalid, the system will append a “???” mark on your Google ID. You need to correct your login in order to enable the data sync function again.

Google calendar allows you to view your business appointments from hand-held devices such as your Blackberry, iPhone, or smart phone. You can also check your schedule by SMS or text message . i.e., you can text message a single-word-commands to Google, it will send your schedule info to your cell phone by text message. This adds great mobility if you are often away from office or find yourself in places without computers.

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