How to use ANGELA@OpenDental to add a 24/7 Receptionist to your dental office

ANGELA is a patent protected 24/7 virtual receptionist made by AngelSpeech. Similar to Apple’s Siri, she is capable of speaking natural language and automating doctor’s front desk tasks. ANGELA@OpenDental is a plugin that effectively add ANGELA to your front desk or your OpenDental scheduler where she can

  • Take patient calls as a 24/7 standby receptionist, she can book appointments, dispatch patients to emergency contact, voice mail, sent them text info.
  • Allow patients add, reschedule, and cancel appointments via text message.
  • Allow new patient sign-up and get appointment by text or online.
  • Making automatic appointment reminder calls and appointment text message reminders. Allow patients to cancel or reschedule on appointment reminder.
  • More other doctor front desk automation features.


VERY IMPORTANT: To succeed the install, you MUST be the administrator user of the window PC, and you MUST already have OpenDental database “root” user connected to your own OpenDental login, or you have the “root” user login info avaiable. The database user info can be verified (or saved) in OpenDental “File –> Choose Database” . Here are the steps of plugin installation.


  • Step 1; You can download the plugin by click here. Note that You will only need to install one copy of this plugin in OpenDental even if your office has multiple service providers.
  • Step 2: Determine where your OpenDental.exe file is located. For example, C:\Program Files (x86)\Open Dental\… If you can not find the directory, you can right click on the OpenDental icon on your desktop, open the “Properties” tab for OpenDental. Where you can see the software installtion directory on your PC as shown below.
  • OD_Plugin_Directory
  • Step 3: Copy the plugin to the same directory where your OpenDental.exe file is located. For example, C:\Program Files (x86)\Open Dental.
  • Step 4: Restart your OpenDental by “Run as administrator“.
  • Step 5: Add the plugin to your OpenDental menu bar.
    From OpenDental menu, Open Setup –> Program links and configured the plugin to so it can be added to OpenDental menu under “Tools” as shown in screen shot below. When you finish this configuration, click “OK”. Verify that the program links list contains the plugin’s name as shown. 





  •  Step 6: Exit and restart OpenDental using “Run as Administrator“.  You should be able to manage ANGELA@OpenDental, from the menu “Tools –> ANGELA 24/7 Receptionist“.  At the initial set up, you will need to connect a OpenDental provider to his AngelSpeech login info. This is done by “Add” button on “Provider” tab (shown below) . If you don’t have an AngelSpeech account, you can signup for a free trial on “AngelSpeech” tab.



  • Step 7: On Plugin “Appointment Type” Tab, you will need to create a few appointment types that ANGELA can offer to your patients to book dental appointments. Read the instructions on this tab and follow the example provided by the next screen shot.  ”New Patient” appointment type is required if you need ANGELA to handle new patient appointments. Add all appointment types that you would offer to patient self-service.




  •  Step 8:  The initial data sync starts within 10 minutes after your AngelSpeech login is saved. On the initial sync, all your appointment schedule and patient records from OpenDental are sent to your AngelSpeech scheduler. This process might take a while (in some offices this can run for an hour or so before schedule data are fully synced). You can monitor the logging on “Test” tab.  To contact support to report a bug, you can use “AngelSpeech” support page to send email. (Your OpenDental usually has a pre-confugure email sever for sending email. The email server info is specified in OpenDental Setup –> Email). The error log will be attached automatically when you submit email to support staff.
  •  The “AngelSpeech” Tab is provided for you to contact support.  You may auto-login your AngelSpeech account from this tab to read your call log. Your AngelSpeech scheduler should be fully synced (both way) with OpenDenal. Therefore you do not need to make schedule changes (such as add new appointment type or open/block schedule) on this account. 


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