How to use DocsMessenger@OpenDental for appointment reminder service only

If you use OpenDental scheduler and use an AngelSpeech account for appointment reminder call or text only (Prepaid reminder service), Doc’s Messenger OpenDental is a plugin that can auto sync OpenDental appointment info with your AngelSpeech service account. You can click here to download the plugin.

You will only need to install one copy of this plugin in OpenDental even if your office has multiple service providers. Here is the steps of installation;

  • Copy this plugin to the same directory where your OpenDental.exe file is located. For example, C:\Program Files (x86)\Open Dental.
  • Restart your OpenDental by “Run as administrator
  • In OpenDental, Open Setup –> Program links  and configured the plugin to so it can be added to OpenDental menu under “Tools” as shown in screen shot below. When you finish this configuration, click “OK”, you should see the program links list contains the plugin’s name.
  • InstallODreminderPlugin


To start up and use the plugin, Click “Tool –> Doc’s Messenger OD“. You will fill in login to your AngelSpeech Account. Choose how frequent (Sync interval) you prefer plugin to send appointments info to your AngelSpeech Account and  how many days of appointments from current day (Sync time range) you want to send.

You can also auto-login your AngelSpeech account to review your appointment list and reminder call status. You reminder call status are also synced back to OpenDental automatically.

The button “Sync Appointment Now“, and “Sync Appt Notification Status” can be used for you to sync manually the appointment to AngelSpeech and sync the reminder status back to OpenDental.


To contact support to report a bug, you can use “AngelSpeech” support page to send email. (The email server you use must be specified in Setup –> Email page first). The error log will be attached automatically when you submit email to support staff.


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