My patient was able to reschedule or cancel appointment within 24 hours against my office policy

We use two type of time restriction settings to help you set time restriction for appointment service. “24 hours freeze” applies to patient web booking.

“Appt reschedule on reminder” or “Appt cancel on reminder”, on the other hand, apply to reschedule and cancel request by patient made at the time they receive appointment reminder by phone or text message.
When you need sufficient notice time from patient for reschedule or cancellation, you can
  1. Change your text message reminder time to max of 24 hours. This can be done on Account –>  Account Profile. This solution will give your patient longer timer to reschedule or cancel their appointment. It will not enforce the 24 hours limit but will still allow self-service by patient to save your troubles to help them.
  2. you can simply disable the “Appt reschedule on reminder” or “Appt cancel on reminder” settings. This can be done on Account –> Account Profile page.  When these two settings are disabled, “Cancel” or “Reschedule” option will not be offered to your patient on reminder call or text. 
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