To Bundle or Not to Bundle with EMR?

This is the issue faced by many of our pre-sales customers. ANGELA is an appointment scheduler bundled with medical front-desk receptionist functions. If your current scheduler is already bundled with a billing or EMR software, how do you check-in a patient from ANGELA to your current billing or EMR software?

A seamless electronic connection can be built between ANGELA and your medical record or billing software if such software is equipped with industry standard interface HL7 and is capable of receiving scheduling information SIU (Scheduling Information Unsolicited) message via the interface.

Once such electronic connection is established, scheduling data will be sent from ANGELA into your medical software automatically.

In case your software does not support HL7 interface or can not receive the SIU message, the Daily Check-in Sheet is a feature designed to help doctors to integrate ANGELA into their work flow.

The sheet is a printer-friendly page that gives you a daily list of patients (customers) for appointments. For each appointment, the sheet includes:

A: Patient’s name, appointment time.
B: Patient’s file ID (chart number) that point to your billing or EMR record.
C: Notes entered for the appointment.
D: Check-in Notes on patient’s record (Insurance carrier, referral physician, co-pay for visit, etc..).

This printer-friendly page can be multi-purpose for different medical practices. Although it is not as convenient as electronic connection, it is a simple, low maintenance way for medical office to check-in their patients from the scheduler to billing and EMR record.

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