Use Text Message Service in Spanish and French

By default, all doctors and all patients language profile are set to English. The text message service is in English.

The Spanish and French text message services are available and can be enabled by setting a patient or a doctor’s language profile to a prefered language.

  • When a patient is unknown (patient’s name or cell number can not be identified), a doctor’s language is used for text message service.
  • When a patient is identified, the language pofile on the patient record will be used for text message service.
  • A patient’s language profile can be modified by visiting Patient –> Find a patient –> Patient edit pages, where the “language” field can be updated.
  • A doctor’s language profile can only be modified by the system admin by email request to ““.
  • All patients can change their own language profile by sending valid text messages in preferred languages. For example,
    • Cita para su_primer_nombre ”, or “Nuevo paciente con Dr. Smith”  will change the patient’s language profile to Spanish.
    • rdv pour votre_prenom“, or ” rendez-vous nouveau patient avec Dr. Smith“  will change the patient’s language profile to French
    • Appt for patient_first_name“, or “new patient appt with Dr. Smith” will change the patient’s language profile to English. 


Note that the text messages that can be recognized by our system are commonly accepted short phrases that contain the keywords (or commands) for appointment sevices. Currently our dictionary for these phrases are limited. As a result of this limitation, sometimes a valid message may be mistakenly rejected. Please do report these cases to us when this happen to you and we apprecaite your sending us email with suggestions for new phrases.

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