What are the advantages of ANGELA vs. other products or services?

Here are some explanations about how we package services to meet different business needs, as well as advantages of using ANGELA vs. other competing products or services.

Detailed package descriptions and the signup page can be found on our website at this Sales&Prices page.

Silver Package: $85/month

This package provides unlimited appointment reminder calls for doctors who need to slash patient no-show revenue loss. It also serves as the best starting service package for most medical clinics to introduce ANGELA to their practice.

Advantages: This web-based service does not require any special telephone hardware nor software to be installed in your office. You pay a monthly fee without making large up front investment. The reminder call package pays for itself immediately; at the cost of only $85/month, most medical clinics are able to reverse their patient no-show revenue loss that is often many times more than the cost of the service. The reminder calls can be made in different languages based on your patient’s language profile.

Gold Package: $1/call

This package is essentially your 24/7 front-desk backup receptionist and your after-hours answering service. You receive a telephone number assigned to ANGELA. You can choose to forward your business calls to her on conditions of “immediately/busy/no-answer”. She can take care of your patient calls for appointments, emergency calls and voicemail. Click this link to see how ANGELA works as answering service and 24/7 receptionist.

Advantages: Compared to live-agent answering services:
ANGELA is a much more cost-efficient alternative.

Most live agents will not (can not) make patient appointments for you. ANGELA can do it at a very low cost.

Unlike live agent services that will only relay the messages regardless of the call reason, ANGELA will separate emergency calls from the non-emergency calls, and will connect the calls immediately to the proper contact number without delay.

ANGELA will never be tired and sleepy while on the job. There will be no loss of calls due to telephone congestion as she can handle multiple calls simultaneously with exceptional reliability.

Platinum package: $385/month.

This package is for medical practices where a large patient call volume is expected. The package includes functions offered by both the Silver (Automated Telephone Appointment Reminders) and Gold (24/7 Front-desk Medical Receptionist) packages. The flat monthly fee provides you with unlimited appointment reminder calls and 3,000 min/month calls to ANGELA. Overage is billed at 25 cents/minute.

Advantages:See advantages for both the Silver and Gold Packages.

Bronze Package: $35/month

The bronze package is a Web Appointment Scheduler only. It serves not only medical clinics, but also small businesses that function on appointments with customers.

Advantages: If you are still using the old-fashioned Window-based business schedulers, then the only way your customers can make an appointment is to call your office during business hours. Using this web-based scheduler will provide them with the convenience of making 24/7 self-service business appointment online. This package includes all the required functions of a business appointment scheduler, plus it allows for unlimited email appointment reminders to patients or customers.

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