What are the Customized Messages by ANGELA?

Customized messages service is designed to meet the special business need of medical practices. Special greetings or service instructions can be delivered to your patients by ANGELA while she is answering calls or making appointment reminder calls to patients.

We offer three types of customized messages.

Type A: Message played with greetings to callers

This type of customized message is suitable for making business or service announcement to your patients. Example, “We have moved to a new location. The address is …”.

Doctor can also record a voice message to be played to a caller who is new patient. Such a recording is very useful in explaining medical practice’s policy about new patient (insurance, billing, cancellation etc.).

Type B: Message played prior to appointment call

Doctors can add instructions to help patient make proper appointment selection. Example, “Please remember appointment for Physical can ONLY be made in the morning.”

Type C: Individual Physician Notes attached to an appointment

A text message can be entered for a patient’s appointment as physician notes. The message will be read to patient together with the appointment reminder call message. Example, “Please arrive 15 minutes earlier to complete your new patient paperwork”.

The same physician note is also included in patient’s email reminder.

How to order customized message service and what is the cost?

Please contact our support staff to discuss your need. The fee is determined based on the cost to produce and install customized message recordings, as well as how long the service is required.

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