What is appointment by text and how you control it?

By design, Appointment  by Text is the same function as online appointment  booking implemented for smart phone. It is much easier, quicker, and much more private to your patients compare to using online booking.

1) If you allow patient booking appointment online (See setting label Patient Make Appt Online), then patient access to your scheduler by smart phone is allowed as well by text for the same appointment  booking functions. And Appt by text is restricted by the same rules such as Web Appt 24 Hours Freeze and Max allowed self-service appt.

2) Appt Reschedule On Reminder and Appt Cancel On Reminder, also can be enabled/disabled on your account profile page, will determine if you allow patient to reschedule or cancel an appointment  on text/phone reminder. By definition, the time of reschedule or cancellation will be ON or AFTER your patients have received text/phone reminder for an appt. Therefore if 24 hour notice is important, you should disable these two settings.

3) You can choose default time for sending text reminder up to 24 hours ahead of appointment  time, In this case, your patients will have more time to cancel or reschedule their appts. If you choose to allow Appt Reschedule On Reminder and Appt Cancel On Reminder.

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