What is Open Scheduler and how to use it?

Some small business or medical office prefer a less restrictive scheduler for their customers. i.e., allowing a new patient or customer to book the first appointment without complication of sign-up. In addition, study shows that the biggest obstacle for people to book business appointment online is that they have to remember the bushiness website’s address and personal login info. An Open Scheduler is designed to address these issues and to encourage self-service appointment by making the scheduling more friendlier and less restrictive for your customers.

To activate your Open scheduler feature, Click to open Patient –> New Patient Signup page. Under the section “New Patient Will..”, chose “Open Scheduler”.

Your scheduler will treat a new web visitor (who tries to login using an unknown email) the same way as an existing user. New visitor can book the first appointment by self-service, and create a pending user record when saving the first appointment. The scheduler, however, will also automatically log out the new visitor as soon as the first appointment has been added. It will advise the visitor to confirm the first appointment.

Email address authentication is designed to prevent scheduler spam and fraudulent appointment. A new visitor must prove his/her email ownership by opening the first appointment confirmation email and clicking a link in the email.

When a user is able to confirm the first appointment, his/her pending user record will be marked as confirmed. Unconfirmed pending user record and the appointment will be removed by the system everyday mid-night US central time.

In addition to simplified new web visitor appointment booking, Open Scheduler also provides links in appointment emails to allow your cusotmers to cancel or login your scheduler in a single click.

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