Why is the Reminder Package the best starting service with ANGELA?

Established clinics with a large number of existing patients are advised to signup for the Reminder (Silver) Package first when introducing ANGELA to their practice. There are a few reasons for this.

1) The reminder call package pays for itself immediately. At the cost of only $85/month, most medical clinics are able to reverse their patient no-show revenue loss, which is often many times greater in value than the cost of the service.

2) Reminder calls from ANGELA are, in general, well received and very much appreciated by patients. Getting your patients familiar with her voice is the best method of preparation for the time when your clinic adds inbound call service by ANGELA. This preparation of user experience is critical for the success of the automated receptionist.

3) The setup fee for a new package is waived when adding inbound service to your existing account.

4) In order for a patient to make an appointment over the phone with ANGELA, the system requires that the patient’s ID (name and phone) be already stored within the system. Otherwise the patient will be treated as a new patient by ANGELA. If one-time importation of patient info can not be performed due to any technical reason, some medical clinics can use the initial service period to complete a gradual migration of patient data.

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