Why should I sync my scheduler with Google Calendar?

You have 5 good reasons to sync your business scheduler with Google Calendar.

1) Google allows unlimited data storage. Your scheduler data in Google thus become your free-and-reliable backup. Google Scheduler can not only be used as your standby backup scheduler but also a long-term appointment history search source.

2) You can check your appointment via text message any time anywhere from your cell phone using single-word commands. This feature is so cool and convenient. Check out how it works here.

3) If you use “2Ways-Gsync” with Google Calendar, you can manage your schedule from hand-held device such as iPhone, BlackBerry and other smart phone. This feature is extremely handy if you have to travel and be often away from your office.

4) Google Calendar can auto-sync appointment data with many other schedulers, such as Microsoft Outlook, BlackBerry and iPhone calendar iCal. If you have to use one of these 3rd party schedulers, sync your data to Google first!

5) Last but not least, Sync with Google is fully automatic and it’s nice and easy. You do not have to manually sync each appointment by clicking your email attachment like some old data sync software requires you to do.

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